Real Estate

Having a sign on your property is one of the easiest ways to increase your income on rental or investment real estate involving little risk, no investment and no property taxes!

Benefits of Leasing to Johnson Outdoor Advertising, LP

- Increases property value, an improvement that increases cash flow and becomes an asset.

- Use of rigid engineering practices in building signs in order to protect and meet specific needs of your real estate.

- Occupies only a 4'x 4' ground area of your property.

- We carry liability insurance should the sign cause damage to yours or someone else's property.

- A sign does not affect your current use of the property.

- We take care of all sign maintenance and pay all property taxes on the sign.

- Unlike other rental property a sign structure has no normal building maintenance and costly repairs.

- We have maintained sign structures and paid ground rent to landowners for over 25 years.


Our Code of Business Practice

At Johnson Outdoor Advertising, LP we take pride in our work from the appearance of the sign structure to the artwork displayed.  This reflects not only our reputation but the real estate integrity of our landowners.  We do not accept advertising from sexually oriented businesses and have never advertised tobacco products.

Since 1978 a commitment to our landowners is a large part of our success.  At Johnson Outdoor Advertising, LP we take pride in our reputation of quality and integrity.