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Outdoor advertising is the only form of advertising that can communicate your message 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  It is designed for the mobile population, commuting to work, running errands, driving to recreational and entertainment venues or shopping.  Outdoor Advertising has the ability to reach a greater coverage area based on the location specific targeting and since it can be on display every minute of every day, has the ability to give your target audience a higher frequency of impressions.  At Johnson Outdoor Advertising we can package locations to get you the most market coverage and we can develop new locations where you need them.  Should you already be using outdoor advertising, you might be surprised to see that we can save you money or give you more coverage for the same money.  Check our page of Markets & Rates.  Should you have any questions or require further information please call or email our office.




At Johnson Outdoor Advertising we are currently undergoing the most aggressive expansion plan in our 25 year history.  We should be adding over 200 units in the next 12 months and we are looking for additional locations.  Should you already be in the outdoor advertising industry as a leasing agent or operator we are also expanding through acquisition and would like to purchase any leases or existing signs you might have.  Check our Real Estate page for more information.  Should you have any questions or require any further information please call or email our office.